Porn Kills - A Live Performance

Porn Kills is a Live Performance + behind the scenes footage with Craig Gross and two other great talents: Levi The Poet and Jefferson Bethke. They share personal stories, testimonies, and performances around one simple truth – PORN KILLS.

It kills marriages.
It kills purpose.
It kills relationships.
It kills you.

We are giving you this live performance for FREE.

No DVD’s to buy.

No digital download.

Just a FREE event where you can hear from Craig, Levi, and Jeff on how to break free of and or stay away from porn.


  • Live Performances + Behind the scenes with Craig Gross, Levi the Poet and Jefferson Bethke!
  • Supplemental Materials including a great prayer and resource guide which can be used as an event hand out or a print out for yourself.
  • A Resource Guide to a variety of recommended resources to be used as a hand out or for yourself.

We hope you enjoy this free resource and would love to hear from you and how you used this material. You can email our Event Coordinator: [email protected] and she'll share your messages with us.


The Porn Kills team is available to come to your church, school, conference or city. Please contact [email protected] to inquire. We have a number of different speakers and line ups we can put together to fit within your budget.


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